Gardening is on the up – making it easier for gardeners

In August 2017, The Telegraph published research that showed that gardeners across Britain are spending more money on gardening than their parents did.
This research is in line with surveys and studies that have been commissioned by the Common Sense Gardening Group.

Gardening is popular with celebrities like Kate Moss

The research showed that 35% of people felt that the garden is the new living room. Extending interior design to exterior design.
Findings from the Common Sense Gardening Group show 32% of people spent more than their parents when it came to gardens.
There are many reasons for the uptick in popularity when it comes to gardening. Gary Philpotts, chairman of the Common Sense Gardening Group said ?In a modern fast-paced world, greenery can provide stress relief and beauty.
“This is reflected in the way that gardens have become the new living room. Home-owners often treat their garden as an extended place to relax.
“For those who don?t have the space to do so, apartments and other indoor spaces have also become more garden-centric.”
46% of those surveyed believed that spending on their gardens gave them a feel-good factor. 38% of people also felt that the garden was an extension of how others perceived them.
A further statistic from Scotts Miracle-Gro from May 2017 suggested that 79% of the public felt that they would like to know more about gardening.


Weed removal is an area of common concern for most gardeners . Aesthetic and amenities scored high when it came to what people most valued in their gardens.
The most common reason for keeping a garden to the same survey was to ?create a pleasant environment?. Some prefer to pick out weeds by hand, but this is too time-consuming for many. In fact, 41% of people say they needed a faster impact on problem areas.
Furthermore, handpicking weeds also allowed for parts of the plant to regrow, thereby re-infesting the garden. Gary added, ?It?s important that gardeners have easy access to fast, effective and safe methods of caring for their gardens.
“While organic methods have their positive side, it can also be slow and inaccessible for some gardeners.?
Unfortunately, organic options don?t provide instant gratification, which many gardeners are after. 17% of gardeners agree that garden care chemicals are the only successful solution to manage weeds.

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