Gardening Will Be New Charity’s Tool To Help People

People with mental health problems or learning difficulties in Buckinghamshire are having a new charity built around them.

Lindengate are taking up space behind Worlds End garden centre near Wendover, using gardening as a tool to help people.

Co-founder Sian Chattle told she wants to do this because her son has Aspergers:

“When he got into the adult system, he just found a vaccum and there was nothing for him to do, no activities.

“So I feel Lindengate will really plug a gap for people with mental health issues.”

Sian is setting up the charity with friend Charlie Powell.

She told us that gardening really does work for the people they want to help:

“I have a history of depression and ever since I’ve been working as a professional gardener and have therefore spent most of my time in gardens and outside, I haven’t had to be on any medication and I’ve been able to manage the peaks and troughs of struggles in my life.

“So I know it works.”

But at the moment, the approximately 5-acre site they’ve bought is full of weeds and unuseable if they want to open in October.

So they need volunteers and Sian told us there is lots to do, from clearing the land or volunteering full time.

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