Gardman capitalise on national consumer wild bird care campaigns

Wild bird care company Gardman are encouraging for retailers to stock-up and boost sales during high-profile conservation-led events over the next few weeks.

The British Trust of Ornithology?s (BTO) National Nest Box Week (14-21 February) creates a massive opportunity for consumers to directly help wild bird conservation.

Natural nesting sites for birds such as disused old buildings or hollows in trees are fast disappearing. Taking part in National Nest Box Week gives people the chance to contribute to bird conservation, with the added pleasure of observing the breeding birds their nest boxes attract.

Gardman has produced eye-catching point-of-sale material to highlight the event and includes a helpful leaflet containing information about the range of Gardman nest boxes available and the best places to site them.

All of Gardman?s wooden nest boxes are crafted from sustainable FSC? certified timber and are endorsed by the BTO. The range for 2017 features a number of new lines, including a Robin Nest Box, Multi Nest Boxes with interchangeable fronts to attract a variety of species and an attractive Beach Hut Nest Box finished in sage green.

Retailers should also take advantage of RSPB?s (The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) Big Garden Bird Watch (28-30 January 2017), in which consumers are invited to spend one hour logging garden bird activity. The event has attracted a growing public support in recent years, with more than 519,000 people all over the UK counting an incredible 8,262,662 birds last January.

Gardman is urging stockists to create aspirational displays ahead of these events to emphasise the importance of feeding and providing shelter for garden birds at a crucial time of year when temperatures are low and natural food is scarce.

?By siting a variety of different feeders for nuts, seeds and calorie-rich treats, such as fat balls around the garden, people are more likely to see a variety of species visiting their garden,? says Craig McIldoon, Wild Bird Care Senior Category Manager. ?The results will be invaluable to the RSPB in monitoring wild bird populations and identifying which species are declining and which are thriving.?

Orders for all wild bird care requirements can now be placed on the increasingly popular trade website at

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