Gardman renews wild bird relationship

Wild bird care company Gardman has signed a five-year partnership deal the British Trust for Ornithology, renewing a long-standing relationship.

The relationship allows Gardman access to the UK?s most comprehensive source of research into wild bird populations and provides valuable indicators that retailers can use to drive sales at key times in the year.

Monthly data from the BTO enables Gardman to monitor trends in garden bird numbers and activity, pinpointing, for example, where certain species are in decline. Gardman can then make suggestions on how stockists can use this information to boost sales.

The plight of house sparrows is a case in point. BTO garden bird watch data highlights their decline over the past 20 years, and the BTO suggests possible reasons why this has happened. Supplementary feeding at certain times of the year can help improve their survival rate.

The BTO tests all Gardman products to ensure they are fit for purpose before they are added to the range. Feedback from bird feeding enthusiasts helps to ensure the products are market-leading, while this captive panel of users helps to generate valuable ideas for further new product development.

Mike Toms, the BTO?s Associate Director, Communications (Science), said: ?The BTO’s relationship with Gardman, which first began in 1996, has been hugely beneficial to both partners. Royalties received from Gardman have helped the BTO to fund research into garden birds, their ecology and populations, while Gardman has benefited from BTO expertise, as it has sought to develop and market its range of bird feeds and feeding products.?

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