Gardman reveals their four big ideas for change and growth

Following the launch of Gardman’s 2016 Wild Bird Care Catalogue, they identified ?4 Big Ideas? that they believed would deliver significant change and growth? and they are! It?s now eight months on since this launch and Gardman is delighted to report that they’ve seeing an outstanding growth of 36%; which equates to ?16 million of additional retail sales. From having a better understanding of category dynamics and consumer needs, Gardman has been able to tackle seasonal sales dips, target untapped younger markets, overcome barriers to feeding and tap into decorative lifestyle trends.

Getting consumers to feed all year round

In autumn Gardman sold over ?3 million of charity products to raise ?200,000 for the Royal British Legion. Over 840 independent garden centres were key to the success of this campaign, selling a total of 300,000 units and surpassing the donation target by 20%. And, in Spring, they launched their Marie Curie charity campaign which looks like it will be just as successful.

Introducing a new and younger demographic

Gardman is thrilled to report over 400 garden centres now stock their kids range. Consisting of feeds, child-sized feeders and feeding station kits, this range includes everything to teach children about the importance of looking after garden birds and experiencing the enjoyment this past-time brings.

Making feeding easier than ever

Gardman launched 77 products that make it ?easier? for consumers to care for garden birds; from easy to clean nest boxes and feeders through to easy to assemble feeding station kits to filled up flip top feeders, and the latest stockist count of 500+ garden centres clearly illustrates how successful this product initiative is proving to be.

Bringing decorative style to feeding

Generating in excess of ?250,000 of retail sales since its launch last year, it?s clearly evident from the early success of this product range that the decorative garden trend is equally relevant to feeding the birds.

With Gardman’s 2016 plans delivering such outstanding results, they have taken the learnings to build an exciting strategy for next year? watch this space for their grand unveiling in June 2017!

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