Gathering the fruits of your labour with The Original Fruit Collector

The Original Fruit Collector explains why its products stand out in the market.

Tell us about the brand.

Anyone who has apple trees knows how big a job harvesting is and how frustrating it is to collect bruised and rotting windfalls from the ground.
The Original Fruit Collector Harvesting Net is the answer to these problems. It collects the windfalls on your behalf, keeping the good produce and making harvesting a whole lot easier, as well as reducing food waste.
It can be used for plums and cherries as well, even mulberries and walnuts.

What makes you stand out amongst your competitors?

The product is unique, and there is no similar fruit collecting solution on the market. It’s not just a tarp on the ground but actually a clever tool that really solves a problem. When the apples or other fruit start to ripen, The Fruit Collector Net is tied with a rope to the tree trunk about half a meter high and fastened with eight metal sticks steadily to the ground. This way, the apples roll softly and unbruised on the sides and corners of the collector. And what’s best, it works even while you’re away.

What support are you offering garden centres?

We can offer flexible MOQs for different sized garden centres. In store, the product’s colourful sales box is attractive and nicely visible. It can be placed on the shelves or sold from a pallet as a seasonal ‘best seller’.
A garden centre can also make a sales campaign with us during the season; a one-time order for an agreed time, preferably in between June and August which is peak sales season. We can also support garden centres in social media marketing, guiding the customers to a retailer.

Why should a garden centre work with your brand?

The Original Fruit Collector is sold in the EU, the UK and now also in the USA. The brand is well recognised.
The model FC328, launched last year, was selected for the final top 10 at the 2020 Glee New Products Awards by a prestigious jury of professional buyers.

What’s the next step for the brand?

We develop new models and sizes based on customer feedback. We also design additional parts to the product; for example, extensions for current models, so that they can be customized for different tree shapes.

Address: Henry Fordin katu 5 H, 00150 Helsinki, Finland
Telephone: +358 50 386 6565

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