GCA barometer of trade for November

The GCA barometer of trade for November has revealed the spending habits of consumers throughout November, with the milder weather leading to customers working on their outdoor spaces.

The GCA reports that sales in hard landscaping were up 7.86%. Customers were also eating well with food hall and farm shop sales up 20.07% compared with the same month last year.

Iain Wylie, GCA chief executive, explained: ?As a country we have had much milder weather than we?re used to for November so it seems people made good use of it and continued to use their outdoor spaces.

?Furniture and barbecue sales were also positive through the month at 13.24% up with a year to date (YTD) change of 9.38%. Other good performers during the month were clothing at 15.14% with a YTD of 14.2% and catering at 8.39% up with a YTD of 9.27%.?

For the month of November, the overall garden centre performance was up by 3.93% with a YTD change of 6.22%.

Christmas sales rose steadily at 4.23% up with a YTD of 7.33%, and sales in gifts were 0.67% up with a YTD of 3.04%.

The GCA barometer of trade reports are compiled using actual sales figures and provide an up-to-date trading position statement.

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