GCA inspectors team strengthened by Jane Lawler

The GCA has this month welcomed Jane Lawler as its new inspector.

Jane has more than 35 years’ experience in marketing and business development. She’ll be responsible for inspecting centres in North Thames, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Iain Wylie, GCA Chief Executive, said: “We’re thrilled to have Jane join our team of inspectors.

“She will be key in helping us ensure consistency and raising standards.
She’ll visit approximately 40 of our centres each spring. Jane’ll score each one using our inspection form, and give honest feedback.

“She’ll also make presentations at our meetings and annual conference in 2020.

“The 2019 inspections for member garden centres start on March 18. Members in North Thames, Scotland and Northern Ireland will see Jane soon.”

Jane began her career in horticultural field trials with Pan Britannica Industries Ltd. She went on to work in customer services and technical product development. This was before expanding her interest in marketing.

She said: “It’s a privilege to be able to use my years of experience in the UK garden sector. I want to support the GCA’s continued drive for excellence in garden centre retailing.

“I’ve seen from the outside how members take the inspection and how it has contributed to improvement in standards. I’m delighted to now have the opportunity to support and contribute to that process.”

Jane is also the past Chair of GIMA and the garden product committee of the CPA. She also served on the HTA and IMB.

Mike Lind, GCA Chairman, said: “Jane is very knowledgeable about consumer insight. She’s the ideal person to inspect our member garden centres. The knowledge and feedback she will pass on to our members will be valuable, it’s great to have her on board.”

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