GCA members encouraged to do their bit to reduce plastic waste

The GCA is encouraging its members to do what they can to help reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill.

 Two members recently worked with their local councils to get non-black plastic pots accepted in recycling bins.
Will Blake of St Peter’s Garden Centre, said: “There’s been discussions among members about reducing plastic waste. Especially as there is a large amount of it in the garden centre industry currently.
“Myself, along with Nick Baker at Webbs, have been in touch with the local authorities to see how we could help.
“Nick wrote to the local councils only to find out that many will not accept plastic plant pots in recycling.
“I visited the reprocessing plant for our counties and discussed it further with them. They had heard of the taupe plant pot and welcomed a visit to discuss the situation.
“I took a whole selection of PP pots with me – Popplemann Teku, Taupe, black and also some trays.
“We put all the pot types through the plant. The good news is that every single non-black PP pot went through the infrared scanners and into its right plastic category.
“The particular company I visited, Severn Waste Services, were helpful. They appreciated my input.

“Within a week of the visit, they had updated their website. They met with the county council to tell of the acceptance of non-black PP plant pots. It’s great news for the people of Herefordshire and Worcestershire.”


Plastic is now accepted in household recycling

All non-black PP plastic pots and trays can now go in household recycling in these areas.
Will added: “As garden centres, St Peter’s and Webbs of Wychbold are now advertising this to our customers. Both instore using posters, but also through social media.
“We’re inspired to do something about this issue. David Chilvers of Bransford Webbs Plant Company pioneered a taupe pot initiative in 2018.
“A group, made up of the largest growers in the UK, came together and established they needed to change the colour of the plant pot.
“This is now adopted. The majority of plants grown in the UK, from spring 2019, are now done so in recyclable PP plant pots.”
Iain Wylie, Chief Exec of the GCA, said: “We’re keen as an Association that as much plastic is recycled as possible. We all need to do our bit in this fight. It’s great to see some of our members taking it upon themselves to help not only their own customers, but whole counties.”

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