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Garden centres can and should take advantage of new technology, and one way to do this is by tracking footfall in your centre using video and Wi-Fi. Garden Centre Retail spoke to British company FootfallCam to ?nd out more

Footfall2FootfallCam?s third generation counters use Wi-Fi to measure more than just the number of feet passing through your entrance. With this system, it?s possible to measure store front?conversion, dwell time spent in store, returning customers and cross-shopping in different branches.

Installation is straightforward, requiring only a Cat5e cable chased from the router to the counter ? an easy job for an?IT expert or handyman.

Footfall1According to FootfallCam, an individual can navigate the full set of system functions without any training. It also comes at a reasonable cost, at ?395 plus VAT for one camera system.

The cameras can be adjusted to work in a number of ways, but?FootfallCam addresses ?ve key indicators for use in the retail industry shown below.

Footfall counting

Footfall footfall counting

The cameras employ the advanced algorithm ?multilayer background subtraction based on colour and texture?. This latest version uses both colour and texture to identify a person, producing far superior accuracy than when using colour pattern alone.

Outside traf?cFootfall outside traffic

The counter is a Wi-Fi hotspot and is able to detect Wi-Fi signals emitted passively by smartphones. It can track potential shoppers outside your centre, helping you to understand if your shop window is doing what it needs to.

Visit duration

Footfall 3 visit durationThe sensor provides an accurate duration of a person?s visit to your store through tracking the MAC addresses emitted by customers? smartphones.




Returning customersFootfall returning customers

Footfall cameras can distinguish if a customer has visited the store before by comparing the MAC address with previous records.


Footfall cross-shoppingIt is also possible to combine Wi-Fi data from different stores to track customers visiting different branches, giving an indication of brand awareness.




FootfallCam presents powerful hardware which offers a full suite of data analytics when connected to software, which normally would only be available to the large retailer. The system can provide up to 60 prede?ned reports designed for different managerial levels from store manager to CEO, and key performance indicators (KPIs) such as occupancy, sales conversion, marketing effectiveness and predictive analysis reports.

FootfallCam also offers online training on how to analyse the reports, and provides specialists to tune the system accuracy setting based on each centre?s environment. The system also performs a daily health check to ?ag up any issues as soon as possible. The system data is stored in a cloud server for up to 25 years or on your own corporate server.

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