Genus introduce Japanese precision gardening tools

Renowned for the high performance of its garden clothing, Genus has added two Japanese precision gardening tools to its online collection.

The first of the new tools is a Hori-Hori knife which in Japanese translates to ?dig-dig?.

The Hori-Hori can be used to perform a host of gardening tasks including digging, planting bulbs or perennials, weeding, cutting through roots, rough pruning and even chipping ice.

The Genus Hori-Hori is incredibly light and strong. The stainless steel blade is serrated on one side and straight on the other and has a shallow scoop like a trowel.

The razor sharp blade includes inch and centimetre markings on the face to help with bulb planting depths or planting distances.

The Hori-Hori?s black moulded handle has been ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip for whatever task is required.

The second Genus tool is a pair of traditional Japanese secateurs made from two pieces of metal, with the blade and handle forming a single piece. This creates a stronger tool and a better balance.

The two sides of the secateurs are bolted together and it is the integrity of this bolt that gives them their distinctive cut.

Another key benefit is that the craftsmanship of the design means the tapered bolt will never need tightening.

Speaking about the addition to the Genus range, MD Sue O?Neil said: ?We design high performance gardenwear which includes our famous stab resistant pockets for knives and trowels. So introducing two specialist tools which slot perfectly into these pockets seemed a natural fit!

?We?d actually been introduced to the Hori-Hori by one of our customers from the United States who?d been delighted that she could safely carry her Hori-Hori in her Genus trouser pockets.

?I?d never heard of one before but once I?d tried one in my own garden, I got them for all the team and we are now devotees and want to create a Hori-Hori revolution!?

The Hori-Hori knife costs ?30 and the Sokan secateurs are ?80 including gift presentation box. All are available online at

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