Genus? new range of gardening clothing

Genus, the high-performance garden clothing company, has launched additions to its range of garden-wear including accessories for winter, which will make ideal Christmas gifts for keen gardeners.

The new products have been specifically designed with gardening performance in mind. The range is made using fabrics selected to keep you warm and protected while you carry out those essential but chilly winter gardening jobs.

The latest addition to Genus? clothing range includes a long-line gardening top for women which makes the perfect partner to the Genus 3-season gardening trousers. The top is made from a lightweight soft rayon and spandex mix to provide extra stretch as well as warmth, with an extra-long body to avoid any chilly gaps while bending. The long sleeves have integrated thumb loops to ensure your wrists are covered.

Also available are a selection of new accessories including the Genus neck collar and arm protectors designed to match the Dove grey of the top. The neck collar pulls over your head to provide extra insulation in the cold without a bulky scarf, and the arm protectors provide warmth and guard against scratches or skin sensitivities.

For gardeners who suffer frozen hands and feet in the winter, the new Genus silk glove liners and gardening socks provide an ideal solution. The gloves are made from thermally efficient silk which can slip under even close-fitting gardening gloves, and the socks are ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and elasticated arch support.

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