GET OFF fully compliant with new EU Biocides regulations

According to the new guidelines set out by the EU, non-supported animal repellents products containing MNK (Methyl Nonyl Ketone), can only be sold until 1st November 2014. However, we are pleased to announce that GET OFF animal repellents are fully authorised and covered by the new EU Biocides Regulations.

Due to this change GET OFF will be on the market containing the special MNK ingredient, which helps to prevent pets from fouling on treated areas.

GET OFF offers consumers a simple to use yet highly effective range of repellents to help deter the most persistent cats and dogs. The range works by releasing a strong odour which confuses a pet?s (only for cats and dogs though) sense of smell, thus driving them away from repeat fouling and territory marking in specific areas of your garden and home.


-????????? Wash & GET OFF Spray* is a unique 2 in 1 formula which will clean the affected area and remove odour, replacing it with a fresh citrus scent that will deter pets from fouling again

-????????? GET OFF Scatter Crystals* will protect the garden from fouling pets. Ideally suited for deterring cats and dogs from soiling on concrete, paving, around lawns and plant beds.

-????????? GET OFF Spray* helps to prevent territorial marking on fence posts, target driveways and doorsteps. By removing any existing territorial scent, cats and dogs are no longer attracted and are discouraged from soiling there in the future

-????????? GET OFF Lawn Rescue neutralises the staining agents and acid in urine by converting them into natural salts. The salts pass down easily to the roots of the grass where they will nourish the lawn

-????????? GET OFF Chew Stoppa is a non-toxic bitter formulation which prevents pets from chewing textiles around the home. Suitable for cats, dogs, rabbits, hamster, guinea pigs and other small pets

Help your shoppers address problem pets and protect their homes and gardens by stocking GET OFF animal repellents.

Get off

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