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With the warm weather finally starting to appear there is no reason why people?s gardens cannot still look great this summer. With the season running late garden centres are still full of an amazing selection of UK grown plants and there is still time to plant them out to make sure you garden is looking good and ready for the barbecue season! With the summer holidays fast approaching, this is also the perfect time of year to get gardening & planting with children.

Consumers continue to enjoy gardening, with there being an estimated 20 million gardeners in UK. And with more than six out of ten British adults visiting a garden centre in 2012, the nation?s appetite for gardening and great garden retail environments remain in good health.

The latest gardening stats from the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) show that the UK gardening industry is still a robust and resilient market.

???????? Britons spend approximately ?5 billion a year on plants and garden products

???????? That compares with approximately ?3.5 billion we spend on chocolate (Mintel)

???????? Around 8 out of 10 Britons have either a garden or somewhere to grow outdoor plants (HTA/Ipsos Mori)

???????? Around three in five Britons visited a garden centre in 2012 (HTA/Ipsos Mori)

???????? 52% of Britons with a garden or allotment enjoy learning or developing new gardening skills (HTA/Ipsos Mori, 2011)

???????? 50% of Britons with a garden or allotment would like to know more than they do about gardening (HTA/Ipsos Mori, 2011)

???????? Britons spend ?1.4 billion a year on garden plants

???????? Around 1.4m Britons (2.8%) have an allotment, up from 0.9m (2.0%) in 2006

???????? Around 22m British garden owners take a good deal of pleasure in their garden

???????? Around 14.5m Britons have a garden with fruit or vegetables in it

Younger gardeners present an untapped opportunity for the garden industry and winning and retaining children from a young age can tap into their lifetime value as garden purchasers. One initiative that is encouraging this is Hortipak?s Grand Gardening Adventure.? Using the HTA?s Garden Spender Report, they have developed a campaign that is aimed at grandparents and their grandchildren.? With both parents working, 1 in 4 working families depend on grandparents for childcare, especially during the long summer school holidays.

Hortipak identified a niche range of plants which are child friendly.? The concept includes ‘Plants with Bounce-back-ability?; to promote plants ideal for where kids and grandparents play together and which are all child-friendly and relatively child-hardy. A wide variety of pot-cover concepts are available, to provide further practical ways of making plants more interesting and attractive to kids and grandparents alike.

James Buffoni of Hortipak said: ?Encouraging the next generation of gardeners is vital for the sustainability of the horticultural industry. According the HTA Garden Profile report as well as our own research the next generation will have a very different range of attributes and behaviours to the current one, which changes the way we need to attract and retain their spend.?

For more information on the Grand Gardening Adventure, please see

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