Getting ready for Glee

The organisers of Glee have started to publicise this year?s event, which will be the 42nd time that the industry perennial has taken place.

They have promised a number of changes, ?designed to maintain a fresh feel, whilst also better reflecting the changing trends within garden retailing?.

Speaking about what to expect in September, Glee?s director Matthew Mein?said: ?Moving Glee into the NEC halls 17 ? 20 in 2014 was the best possible decision for the exhibition. It not only enabled exhibitors to think differently about their spaces, but buyers were also encouraged to shop the show differently, resulting in many more new relationships being forged as buyers came across new and exciting brands alongside existing suppliers.

?As a result, we are keen to ensure that the floor-plan remains fresh, to encourage this ongoing ?tour of discovery?. Glee?s feature content will be moved into new locations, such as the ?new product? display which will now make its home in hall 17.?

Other changes include the rebranding of core sectors. These include ?outdoor entertaining?, ?landscaping and garden decoration?, and ?retail experiences?. Home DIY and water gardening will receive greater coverage, in response to the increased presence of related products in garden centre.

A spokesperson said: ?Currently Glee is tracking substantially up year-on-year, with 84% of the floor-plan currently sold, and maximum capacity forecasted to be reached as early as June.?

Glee takes place from September 12th?14th?at the NEC in Birmingham.


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