The Gift of Relaxation from Yankee Candle

Help your customers to experience the feeling of total relaxation with our new Yankee Candle premium collection: Relaxing Rituals?.

Yankee Candle Relaxing Rituals is a perfect fit for your customers? busy lifestyles and a completely new concept in home fragrance. With the therapeutic power of carefully selected essential oil fragrances, customers can create and alter their own fragrance blend to suit them best, helping to turn down the noise of their life and unwind.

Each of the five mood states within the collection are created by three different essential oils, which are:

Uplift ????????????? A rejuvenating blend of Grapefruit, Lemon, and Ginger
Calm ???????????? A relaxing blend of Vanilla, Lavender and Sandalwood.
Comfort ???????? A soothing blend of Rose, Cardamom and Cedarwood
Tranquil ???????? A peaceful blend of Spearmint, Water Lily and Sea Salt
Refresh ????????? A revitalising blend of Mandarin, Sage and Eucalyptus

Consumers can enjoy innovative Reed Kits, Oil & Warmer Kits, Triple Votive Holder Kits and Votive Samplers?, providing the freedom to create their own relaxing ritual fragrance. For those faster-paced days and time-restricted routines, we have also created a collection of pre-blended tumbler candles and wax melts to instantly instil within a room the chosen mood state.

So with day to day lives seemingly on fast-forward, with our new collection you can now give your consumers something special: a relaxing ritual to turn down the hustle and bustle of their life and unwind.


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