GIMA announces buying group

GIMA has announced the new GIMA Buying Group ? created in association with Buying Support Agency.

The group will offer unique new benefits for members of the thriving trade association, helping to bring better access to vital services and business purchases.

Billed as ?a one-stop-shop? for members? buying needs, the exclusive GIMA Buying Group is designed to provide members with bulk buying power and access to significantly reduced prices.

This in turn could not only offer cost-savings of up to 35%, but will also make it less time-consuming to source the cheapest deal on non-core overheads and services.

Currently GIMA members who join the Buying Group have access to 20 different service and amenity providers, including telecoms, gas and electricity, stationery, parcel courier services, waste recycling, catering, work wear, cleaning services, packaging and photocopying.

?Eco buying? also features, for those companies wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

There is also no contract period, meaning GIMA members can opt in and out as they see fit, whilst the ?495 annual fee that would normal apply for such a service has been waived.

Speaking at the GIMA Day Conference, BSA managing director, Matthew Roper said: ?The Buying Group has been designed to allow GIMA members to maintain operational control of suppliers, whilst enabling them to benefit from both cost and time savings.

?Additional peace of mind also comes from the fact that BSA will continually monitor supplier performance to ensure the absolute best service and value for money.

?We already have several hundred suppliers trading and thousands of businesses benefitting from the process, and we look forward to welcoming GIMA members on board.?

In addition to providing the GIMA Buying Group service, BSA also offers additional benefits including a procurement health check and a series of purchasing training workshops offered with a 10% discount.

Vicky Nuttall, director of GIMA said: ?The GIMA Buying Group is just the latest in a long line of benefits for members.

?The ultimate aim is to save our members money, offer peace of mind and free up more time to help our members grow their business. The response so far has been incredibly positive.?

To join the GIMA Buying group, call BSA directly on 0845 555 3344.

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