GIMA Award entrants raise more than £2,000 for Greenfingers

More than £2,000 has been raised for the Greenfingers Charity following the auctioning of donated products post-judging day for the 2021 GIMA Awards.

This year, the annual GIMA Awards saw more than 250 entries with many suppliers donating their product to Greenfingers following the judging process. These donations – made up of pots and planters, gardening sundries and clothing – made the journey from Warwick, where the GIMA judging took place, to Greenfinger’s auction partners, W&H Peacock, in Bedford where they went under the hammer.

Talking after the auction, GIMA director, Vicky Nuttall said: “We are delighted so much money was raised following our judging day, and a huge thank you to all our members who were happy to donate their products.   We look forward to welcoming the Greenfingers team along to the GIMA Awards Gala Dinner on 11 November when we hope to raise even more money for this great charity.”

Linda Petrons, director of fundraising & communications said: “A huge thank you to all those who donated product. A small gesture such as this really does make a big difference, raising funds that will help us to continue to build much needed garden spaces at children’s hospices across the country. These gardens are a true sanctuary for all those who use them, and their importance cannot be emphasised enough.

“Thanks also to GIMA for their continued support of Greenfingers, and to WH Peacock for their impeccable auctioning skills – we are forever indebted to both parties.”

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