GIMA Awards give warm praise for hedgehog igloo

Wildlife World?s bestselling hedgehog igloo is a finalist in the 2014 GIMA awards in the Pet Care, Aquatics and Wild Bird Care category.

The creative design and user friendly qualities of the hedgehog igloo impressed the judges of the prestigious industry awards that promote environmentally friendly products and excellence in the garden retail market.

Wildlife World is based in Gloucestershire and provides nature expertise to the garden retail sector with carefully designed and ethically manufactured wildlife items. The range includes many award winning products for a variety of birds, mammals, insects and bees that are used to supply the consumer, educational and conservation markets across the world.

As an addition to the Wildlife World hedgehog range, the igloo is larger than the already established Hogitat so that it can accommodate family groups such as mother and hoglets. The wicker igloo provides a much needed safe haven for hedgehogs to shelter in with its small entrance ensuring the small mammals are protected from predators such as foxes, badgers and domestic dogs. Modern day hazards such as garden strimmers, forks and tools can be avoided and it offers a suitable habitat alternative to compost heaps and bonfires that pose their own risks.

The igloo has a steel frame structure on which is a waterproof layer that is covered with brush wood to form the roof. This is decorated with withy bands and moss trim to form a camouflage that adds to the safety of the inhabitants. Not only confined for use in the summer months, the igloo can be used for hibernating with the simple addition of extra brush wood to increase insulation.

Easy to set up, the igloo needs only to be placed on the ground, undercover and out of the prevailing wind, while short lengths of dry grass or leaves can be placed inside for nesting material. There is also the option to anchor the shelter to the ground for extra security if boisterous dogs are in the area.

Wildlife World was founded in 2004 and since then has been producing innovative and valuable nesting habitats and feeders for birds, mammals, amphibians and insects, receiving numerous accolades for its environmental work, product development and design. Wildlife World collaborates with an extensive network of wildlife experts to develop products that encourage habitation to contribute to boosting the populations of much needed wildlife.

In a strong commitment to ensure the highest environmental standards are achieved, all wood used in manufacturing is FSC approved and all paints, stains and sealants are water based to eliminate chemical exposure to the wildlife. Recycled materials replace plastics and metals while the timber is submitted to a complex drying process to reinforce its durability without needing chemical preservation.

Wildlife World?s environmental ethos extends further than its products as it works alongside wildlife charities to educate people on the importance of conservation and encourage them to get involved with their gardens. The 35-acre farm in Devon not only measures the performance of prototypes but also plays host to multiple environmental groups and student visits that see botanical, entomological and bio-diversity studies carried out. Having been converted to organic status with the Soil Association, Wildlife World has worked alongside the charity, Moor Trees, to plant over 4,000 native trees over 11acres as part of the Dartmoor Native Broadleaved Woodland Regeneration. In doing so they have created a diverse eco-system that fully tests all aspects of the products.

Further information is available from Wildlife World on 01666 505333, by emailing or by visiting the company?s website at

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