Gina Hinde appointed as marketing manager at LOFA

Gina Hinde has taken up the post of marketing manager at the Leisure and Outdoor Furniture Association (LOFA).

Before this role, Gina spent two years in the oil industry, following nine years at Hartman.

Gina said: ?I know who LOFA are having worked in the industry before. I always thought they were a force for good. I?ve wanted to work with LOFA for a while, but I never got the chance. When this role came up, I applied right away!

?The role that I’ve taken on is marketing manager, and they have never had anyone in this role before, so it?s a big challenge which I am looking forward to. They want to take the association forward, and I have a few ideas that might work.?

Gina will take on SOLEX too

Gina is well known within the Garden Industry. She brings a new dimension to the LOFA and the SOLEX trade show, now in its 11th year. She already knows what she wants to do with her role.

Gina continued: ?I want to build good relationships with the members and offer more services to them if I can. ?I also want to keep a good line of communication flowing between LOFA and its members.

?A big focus for us is the LOFAssured campaign, I want to really push this message out towards retailers and the consumer.

?I’m going to work on a good social media campaign. LOFA as far as I know hasn’t had that before. I want to get the association out there so more people know who LOFA are and what LOFAssured is all about.?

Gina?s plan is to visit as many of the association members as possible. She also plans to leverage good relationships with garden retail and consumer press.

Gina said: ?I want to make sure we’re not only going to push the LOFA message to retailers, I want consumers to know who we are as well.

With SOLEX, Gina?s plan is to move that forward too and with the help of the members she wants to make SOLEX better year after year.? Watch this space!

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