Give lawns a Chelsea-worthy finish with Wilkinson Sword

Creating a beautifully manicured lawn does not simply come down to a regular mowing and feeding regime. It is also important to pay attention to lawn edging, keeping it neat and tidy, and providing the perfect finishing touch and professional finish. This can be backbreaking, time-consuming work, though, with bending and stretching making it difficult and labour intensive. So how do you ensure the expert finish that even a Chelsea show-garden would be proud of, without the backache?

Wilkinson Sword has a number of tools to take the strain out of the task. The brand?s Long Handled Edging Shears (1111138WF) provide an easy and simple way to get precisely cut lawn edges and borders, with their 940mm height, and large cutting blade of 170mm, offering an effortless solution without any need to bend. The precision sharpened blade is developed from carbon, which makes it durable and able to glide through whatever your border throws at it. To add to the comfort of use the handles are forged from oval shaped aluminium tubes, which offers outstanding strength whilst remaining lightweight, with the soft handgrips making the tool comfortable to use, even over a long period of time.

For areas that require precise trimming and tidying, such as around the base of shrubs and bedding plants, Wilkinson Sword?s Single Hand Grass Shears (1111220W) are the perfect tool, providing you with the opportunity to get up close and see what you are doing. The bypass cutting head features 110mm, non-stick blades with a safety lock for security.

Wilkinson Sword?s General Purpose Long Handled Lawn Shears (1111137WF) are designed to cut or trim long grass and are perfect for those hard to reach places in the garden, particularly those small patches of grass that tend to defy the lawnmower. The large, precision sharpened cutting blade of 170mm has a non-stick coating so that clumps of grass will not stick to it, meaning that your cutting won?t be interrupted by having to continuously clean the tool. The handles again benefit from being made from oval shaped aluminium tubes, with soft handgrips and at 850mm make cutting and trimming a breeze, without ever having to bend or strain.


Long Handled Edging Shears (1111138WF) – RRP ?29.99

Single Hand Grass Shear (1111220W) ? RRP ?14.99

General Purpose Long Handled Lawn Shears (1111137WF) ? RRP ?29.99


All Wilkinson Sword garden tools carry the reassuring Wilkinson Sword 10-year guarantee.

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