Global Garden Retail Virtual Conference & Show announced

The first 2022 Global Garden Retail Virtual Conference & Show will be taking place next month, bringing together industry professionals from around the world.

The conference will co-chaired by retail consultants Sid Raisch and John Stanley, and Andrew Burton from Malcolm Scott Consultants will join them alongside a range of other speakers. The free-to-attend virtual event will feature fast-paced presentations in 90-minute segments spanning the time zones of the world over three days, from 1-3 February, with virtual trade show opening for the entire month of February.

Andrew Burton says: “For garden centre owners and senior managers throughout the UK, I am sure that this conference will inspire, and allow everyone to understand what is happening away from our home base and across the world.”

Each of the daily conference sessions consists of three 20-minute sessions which can be accessed on-demand, followed by a variety of bonus and Q&A sessions and discussion rooms on topics related to the presentations.

To begin each day, the conference will start with a ‘Trend Swaps from Around the World’ session. Panellists from all corners of the world will inspire by bringing forth and discuss what’s hot, what’s not and what they see coming in the future.

A keynote address by Anna and Susanna Ball will kick off the event on 1 February. ‘Our Views of the Massive Worldwide Opportunities for Horticulture’ will focus on Anna and Susanna’s view that now is not the time to be boring at retail but to take calculated risks in merchandising, product selection, pricing and marketing. Their talk will delve more into opportunities for success, profitability and having an impact on the world.

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