Grange initiatives prompt rapid extension

Leading decorative garden structures and fencing company, Grange has added more than 120 new merchant accounts since the beginning of the 2015 season as well as making significant inroads into the garden centre market during the same period.

Gains include the Fortis group, growth of the NBG group, Grangewood Fencing and Haskins Garden Centres.

The company attributes its continuing growth to a number of new ranges, product development and proactive marketing initiatives – including its first ever consumer campaign – combined with its longstanding skills in sourcing and logistics.

The latter see the company able to sustain a consistent supply of all products including fencing even through the worst storm damage periods when winter and spring storms put pressure on stock availability throughout the fencing sector.

Recent new initiatives have included extensive new product development, adding value to fencing products, creating co-ordinated fence, trellis and gate offers and launching new top end decorative structures with affordable price tags, ideal for the aspirational consumer.

The 2015 season has also seen a consumer facing media campaign highlighting the decorative structures offer.

Rolled out over the spring and summer season, the campaign includes high profile advertorials and consumer competitions and is designed to raise awareness of the brand and the product range.? It features added value decorative products like the Valencia Corner Arbour and Grange Flower Walk as well as the company?s extensive range of pre-painted garden structures.

Grange has also launched two new consumer facing catalogues majoring on finish, co-ordinated products and pre-painting.

Commenting on the business gains, senior product manager, Rob Giles said, ?Grange is known for its logistical and supply strengths which stand us in good stead every season when the weather is particularly challenging.

?This year we have added to our core skills by investing in product development and marketing.? We are promoting both the products and the brand to consumers, enabling both our merchant and retail customers to sell through successfully.

?The new initiatives are obviously paying dividends.?

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