Retailers of timber arbours, gazebos, pergolas, fencing and trellis will soon be able to profit from additional online sales as decorative garden structures and fencing expert, Grange launches its new .? This ecommerce website channels consumer purchases through the tills of participating stockists in a novel scheme to combine the benefits of ?clicks and bricks?.

Promoted to consumers as ?a new way of ordering through your local garden centre?, the site features a host of new and top selling products including potting benches, walkways, planters, fencing and gates.? Online purchasers receive exclusive discounts for routing the transaction through their chosen Grange retailer and an eight day Grange home delivery service is available on selected products.

Grange marketing manager, Richard Bennett explained the thinking behind the website.? ?Our research shows that many consumers find online ordering convenient, but equally want the opportunity to view and touch the product and the chance to get advice and information in store.? In launching grangegardensdirect we are linking the two to ensure all parties get the best of both worlds.? From the retailer perspective, this site is either a readymade online solution for those who do not have an ecommerce site of their own, or, for those that do, it is a hugely convenient way of handling sales of a potentially bulky outdoor product, without the need to carry large amounts of stock.

?Participating retailers can have a display structure for point of sale purposes,? in store access to the site and leaflets promoting and explaining the service to consumers.? To get started they only need to list and hold stock of one Grange line to enjoy the benefit of sales across our range, whether the consumer actually places an order while on in store or waits until they get back home.?

Retailers wishing to take advantage of this new initiative from Grange should contact their Grange representative.? Grangegardensdirect will also be featured on the Grange stand at GLEE.

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