Great in-store offers from Gardman on bird care

Leading provider of wild bird care products, Gardman is introducing a series of strong in-store offers with savings of up to 35% designed to help garden centres entice shoppers in to store and then drive link sales.

Already favourites with consumers Flip Top and Deluxe Steel feeders are now being offered in value packs at extremely attractive price points: just ?19.99 for the deluxe feeder value pack, a saving of 35%; and only ?8.99 for the flip top feeder set, a saving of 24%.? Gardman has also devised a compelling link sell that means garden centres can offer their customers even better deals and so persuade them to trade up to a bigger purchase; a saving of up to 33% when buying a feeder set and its matching feeder station.

?These in-store offers are incredibly competitive and will appeal to consumers, which is good news for our retail partners,? explained Gardman Sales Director, Duncan Ross.? ?To convey these offers clearly in store we?ve developed eye catching point of sale material that includes a quarter palette header and bus stop signs to draw attention to the cost saving and link sales.

?We recognise that the warmer winter has meant garden centres have had to work hard to entice shoppers into buying wild bird care products.? Against this background we are working hard to help our retail partners drive sales and these great offers combined with the in-store theatre of the eye-catching packaging and point of sale materials will really help these products fly off the shelf.?

The Deluxe Steel feeders in the four pack are for Peanuts, Seed, Nyger Seed and Fat Snax and link sells to the Gardman Deluxe Feeding station.? The link sale is priced at ?34.99, representing a saving of 33%.? The three pack Flip Top feeder set is for Peanut, Seed and Fat Snax and link sells to Gardman?s standard feeding station, offering consumers a compelling saving of 26%, priced at just ?19.99.

Retailers wishing to place an order should contact their agent.


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