Green Protect announces pre-launch of new eco-friendly Slug & Snail Barrier Pellets

Pelsis Group brand, Green Protect has pre-launched a new eco-friendly solution to slug and snail control ahead of the 2021 season.

The Green Protect Slug & Snail Barrier Pellets are a chemical free solution to protecting the garden from slug and snail damage. The pellets are made of a coarse, grain-like absorbent mineral with sharp edges, designed specifically to deter slugs and snails. As these garden pests secrete mucus as they travel across the ground, their entire body makes contact with the ground meaning they avoid sharp and absorbent surfaces.

They are packaged in a bottle made from recycled plastic and the 1.5kg pack will provide coverage of up to 30m. The product is safe for use around children, pets and garden wildlife including hedgehogs.

Green Protect brand manager, Gemma Hodgson says: “There is increased demand for eco-friendly, chemical free pest control for home and garden use. The upcoming Green Protect Slug & Snail Barrier Pellets offer a great method of protecting vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants from slug and snail damage without the use of poison. I particularly like that at the end of the season the pellets can be turned into the soil and left to biodegrade.”

The Green Protect Slug & Snail Barrier Pellets will be available from February 2021.

Watch the video here.

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