Greenman Garden Tools launches new No-Dig tool range

Greenman Garden Tools is launching a new range of No-Dig tools this September. A percentage of profits from the sales of this range will be donated to The Soil Association.

The team at Greenman believe that intensive farming and gardening processes have severe implications on the environment. This led to the development of a range of tools that champions the no-dig method of gardening. This method of horticulture supports the use of compost and mulching on top of the soil rather than digging and cultivating. Instead of aerating the soil using a shovel the no-dig gardener lets the soil’s natural biodiversity of microorganisms do all the work. 

Greenman’s No-Dig range aligns itself with the vision of the Soil Association and Greenman is donating a percentage of sales from this range to the Soil Association Charity. 

Jessica Stickland Soil Association’s corporate partnerships manager says: “Greenman’s No-Dig range and messaging around championing methods to protect the soil is such an important narrative in the current climate. We are thrilled they have chosen to support our charity and we look forward to working together in the future.”

Adam Greenman goes on to say: “The No-Dig range supports a movement of gardening which works hard to protect soil structure and function and Greenman Garden tools are proud and excited to be supporting the Soil Association with sales from the range ”   

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