Greenman launches ergonomic tools

Reedy Supplies, the home of Greenman Garden Tools, is launching an ergonomic range of horticultural tools.

The company said the range “takes its design cues and fabrication processes from traditional British farm tools” and had been designed for ease of use and functionality.

A spokesman said: ?Their uniqueness lies in an extra-long handle, which has been steamed and bent just below the mid-point.

?This bend allows for efficient transfer of power from hand to tool, making digging easier and less back-breaking.?

Greenman tools are traditionally crafted from sustainable ash with stainless steel heads.

Reedy Supplies is a small, family-run business established in 1972. It has a showroom at Heathfield, near Newton Abbot in Devon.

Other Reedy Supplies brands include Compass Agricultural Tools, Logstar axes and H2ose hosepipe.

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