Grimsby garden centre expansion plan gets the go-ahead

The Alford Garden Centre, in Grimsby Road, has been granted approval to extend their business.

The centre in Grimsby received unanimous support for the proposals after all 11 members of North East Lincolnshire Council’s Planning Committee voted to approve them.

The refurbishment will see an extension to the cafe, an external patio, a children’s play area and outdoor sales area.

The car will also increase its capacity from 54 spaces to 67 spaces.

In total, 1,865 square metres of new floor area would be created.

An existing property in Grimsby Road will be demolished to make way for the new build.

Despite concerns lodged by a number of residents, the plans have been given the green light.

Phillip Jackson, deputy chairman of the Planning Committee, said: “I am disappointed that more members of the committee could not be there on the site visit after allegations were made about the attendance of some councillors.

“It was one of the most beautiful site visits I have been on in a long time and I was very impressed with the place and the amount of work that has gone into the site.

“The improvement would be quite significant and residents who live nearby will be better off as access has been improved.”

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