Gro-Sure Tomato Food tops the charts in Which? Gardening trials

Gro-Sure Tomato Food has topped the charts in a recent Which? Gardening trial, scoring a whopping test score of 89%.

Judges said that the tomato food, which was also awarded a ?Best Buy? status gave: ?Vigorous plants and a bumper crop of good-quality tomatoes.?

They also praised its packaging and in particular, the easy-to-use measuring cap which helps deliver the right dosage.

The tomato food scored higher than any of its competitors in the Which? Gardening trials gaining 5 stars for vigour, 5 stars for quality and 12.5kg for yield. In total, judges tested nine different tomato feeds on identical tomato plants in test conditions.

Jo Wilkinson, Marketing Manager at Westland Horticulture, said: ?We are delighted to have achieved this Which? Gardening Best Buy status.

?It?s great to get confirmation that our tomato food is the best on the market and that our Gro-Sure promise ?Simply Grow More? has delivered once again!?


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