Groen-Direkt heralds Spring!

In a climate of near-spring temperatures, the Groen-Direkt Spring Plant Fair provided a plant fest to remember for its many visitors! This was held on February 4th and 5th at the ITC site at Noorwegenlaan in Hazerswoude, Boskoop. The event always marks the start of the season and the attendance during both days reflected this. There was an air of confidence for 2014 which was helped by the unusual calm and mild weather.


Positive reaction to ‘Concepts’ launch

This was the first Spring Fair since the launch of the ‘Concepts’ in 2013 ? a new way of purchasing plants.

‘Concepts’ provide uniform product groups that enable customers to make ready-made or specifically defined flexible purchases. Groen-Direkt now offers both sales and theme concepts with a specific look and also provides a complete presentation method for plant retailers to adopt. This includes many aspects of the POS package including shelving, card holders, posters and display tables. There were almost 30 different plant ‘concept’s’ on display at the Spring Fair including shrubs, acers, fruit trees, groundcover, ferns, ornamental grasses and hedge plants. There was a positive reaction to ‘Concepts’ from many of the plant buyers who Groen-Direkt spoke to during the event.


The Product Promotion Plaza had over 170 suppliers selling their products and provided an opportunity for plant buyers to become acquainted with the ‘Concepts’ and the growers who offer them. Groen-Direkt offers continual help and advice on this during the year. Email:


Efficient ways to purchase

The event attracted plant buyers from Europe. From the U.K. Fran Townsend is co-owner of Townsend Garden Centres which are based in Wiltshire. As a family owned garden centre they attend Groen-Direkt twice a year to order for the U.K. consumer. Fran commented ‘ We buy from Groen-Direkt because it provides an efficient and easy method of purchasing plants. The consistent level of quality material (plus an easy to use web shop for top ups) gives us the confidence to meet the demands of our customer base. We are here to select our varieties for Spring 2014 and view the new season with confidence. The late timing of Easter may help to ensure good planting weather!’


Eye-Catching Plants

Alan Beaumont runs Greenfingers Wholesale Nursery/Cash&Carry in Warwickshire. He visits Groen-Direkt to assess availability and to look for eye catching plants. The shelf fair part of the event is useful as a shop window of what is available now. ‘ Sometimes, a range of plants can re-emerge and can be attractive to consumers looking for something different. The Spring Fair is held at the ideal time of year and provides inspiration for the coming season’.


‘This is the perfect window to see so many growers in one place many of which we know well and deal with throughout the year. We placed orders directly with these growers with lots of trollies of stock coming in within 7 days and more booked for later. This means Groen-Direkt works for both retailers and wholesalers’.


Black Diamond Hydrangea

Some new varieties for 2014 were displayed at the Spring Fair including the new Black Diamond Hydrangea

from De Jong Plant bv. This attracted great interest amongst both the plant buyer and the trade media. This is available in 6 colours including Dark Angel Purple and Baroque Angel Blue.


The Viburnum tinus ?Lisa Rose? is an improved Viburnum variety that displays flower buds as early as July. Syringa BLOOMERANG? ?Pink Perfume? is a variety in the BLOOMERANG? series. These were also part of the novelty display area.


Instant Solutions to plant sourcing!


Groen-Direkt provides instant solutions for today’s plant sourcing! The event is held on 34 days during 2014, divided over 29 trade fairs. As in 2013, there is the extra large Autumn Fair in August, plus the four ‘season’ fairs with lots of seasonal products and novelty presentations.

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