Groen Direkt set for Pre-Christmas flourish!

The final Groen-Direkt Plant Fair of 2014 takes place on November 11th.

This is a medium big ‘seasons’ fair to close out the year. There will be a big winter/Christmas assortment, ranging from evergreen/berries to Christmas trees. There will also be a Novelties presentation and a great atmosphere as we head towards the festive season!

Outstanding Series

Groen-Direkt is an outstanding series of plant fairs held in Boskoop from February to November each year. This is a very slick and efficient series of events which makes immediate plant buying a simple and enjoyable operation. The Spring Fair in February kicks off the year in style with many U.K. nurseries and buyers in evidence as visitors.

The event runs on a weekly basis from March to June and then has 9 further events plus the 3 day Autumn Fair in August. They also have a 24 hour on-line web shop on their website. The choice of plants is terrific and well worth a visit.

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