GROEN-Direkt?s Spring Fair: a promising start to the 2017 gardening season

In addition to a wide range of garden plants, GROEN-Direkt presented its new selection of houseplants for the first time at its Spring Fair. On 7 and 8 February a large international public found its way to the biggest ?green market? in Europe. Among the visitors were remarkably many trading companies with their customers. Together with the numerous buyers they once again accounted for a higher turnover than was realised at the previous Spring Fair. A promising start of the gardening season of 2017!

New: houseplants

With the introduction of the houseplants, with a choice of more than 1,500 articles, the range on offer at this year?s Spring Fair was even greater than that of previous editions. From now onwards, GROEN-Direkt?s customers can streamline their purchases and transport flows even more efficiently: the houseplants can be purchased via the same channel as the garden plants and the two will be delivered as a single order. So GROEN-Direkt offers its customers flexibility in this respect, too. The houseplants can be ordered per tray, or individually in the case of large plants. There is a special app for placing orders at the fairs, and the entire range can be ordered 24/7 via the webshop, as was previously already the case for the garden plants. The new purchasing option was met with enthusiasm.

Largest range of green products in Europe

Besides at the standard fairs, twice a year, visitors can also benefit from the largest range of green products in Europe at GROEN-Direkt?s Spring and Autumn Fairs. There they will find garden and indoor plants, propagating material and a broad presentation of Mediterranean products all under the same roof. And they get to see, smell and feel all the plants ?live?. They learn about the trends and novelties of the coming season, can benefit from 25 different sales concepts, and contact 150 suppliers directly at the Product Promotion Plaza.

Responding to the need for flexibility

?This way we create a unique formula,? explained GROEN-Direkt?s Gert Koert: ?And we make things as easy as possible for our customers. Consumers? purchasing behaviour is changing. Today?s consumers are more impulsive, more susceptible to trends, and more strongly focused on a product?s looks. So we offer our customers the possibility of buying what they want in a flexible manner, in the way that best suits their needs. Half layers or large batches, direct orders or forward orders ? that?s all possible. On top of that there?s also our webshop, where our entire range can be viewed and ordered 24/7.? GROEN-Direkt?s fairs are ideal places for people active in the gardening sector all over the world to meet one another and exchange the latest news while enjoying snacks and refreshments. So it?s not surprising that the fairs attract more visitors every year.

GROEN-Direkt: a unique formula

The combination of a webshop and thirty sample fairs a year enables GROEN-Direkt to offer a wide, highly diverse range of garden and indoor plants under the same roof all the year round. Visitors can see, feel and smell the plants themselves at one of the fairs or opt for the convenience of purchasing via the webshop, where they can view a survey of the entire range and place their orders any time 24/7. All the batches are accompanied by clear photos that are updated every week. Customers benefit from the convenience of one order, one delivery and one invoice, and all that thirty times a year. A live catalogue efficiently combined with a digital ordering system.


For more information on GROEN-Direkt, its sample fairs and the webshop, go to, @groendirekt (Twitter) or call +31 (0)172 21 15 76.

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