researches British gardening knowledge

  • Research reveals low level of gardening knowledge amongst British adults
  • 49% of Brits cannot identify secateurs, 37% unfamiliar with a trowel

?Britons aren?t so green fingered after all and are lacking in basic gardening knowledge, reveals new research.

Almost half (49%) of Britons did not know what secateurs were, according to research of 2,007 UK adults by, a leading UK supplier of artificial lawns published in the Great Outdoors IQ Test.

?More than a third (37%) of UK adults could not identify a trowel when quizzed on common items of gardening equipment, while 42% were unable to identify a garden hoe.

?A quarter (28%) were not sure what a trellis would be used for, although the nation is not ?as daft as a brush?, with only 18% unable to identify a rake as a common gardening tool.

?44% were unsure what a propagator would be used for indicating that Britons are not growing and nurturing their own plants from seed.

?The research also unearthed 46% now employ a gardener to look after their green spaces.

James Gilmartin, spokesperson at spokesperson said: ?The nation?s outdoor IQ is not what it once was, with the research highlighting that some common gardening terms are no longer general knowledge. This also correlates with a move towards easier to maintain outdoor spaces and more people turning to professional help with their gardens.?

Unsurprisingly the older generations, those aged (65+) were more informed on gardening terms scoring above the UK average for all gardening terms.

Gilmartin continued: ?Turning our hands to simple DIY and gardening tasks will help boost the nation?s outdoor knowledge, while encouraging children to spend time outdoors will mean that there isn?t a generation gap between the young and old age groups when it comes to gardening know-how.?

Bristol residents have the best knowledge of the outdoors, being able to identify the highest number of common gardening terms and tools, followed by Oxford residents.

Those in Wolverhampton were revealed as having the lowest outdoor IQ, managing to identify the lowest amount of gardening equipment.

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