Groves Nurseries breed two new violets

Two new violets have been bred by internationally renowned violet breeder Clive Groves.? Eliza May Groves & Madeleine Mary Groves are not only the newest additions to the family but also the newest additions to the National Collection of violets held by Clive Groves at Groves Nurseries in Bridport.

Eliza May (4) and Madeleine Mary (2) are the two daughters of Charlie Groves the current manager of Groves Nurseries and eldest son of Clive.? Clive has retired from the day to day running of the business but still continues his passion of growing and breeding violets at the Bridport based nursery.

Charlie said “It’s wonderful that dad is able to do this kind of thing, it’s something I know the girls will really appreciate as they get older. My sister, Becky is due to have her first baby in April so I guess these won’t be the newest varieties for long!”

The collection itself was started in the 1960s by Clive’s father Charles William Groves.? The very first violet he bred was named “Clive Groves” and most members of the family now have violets named after them.? Clive continued to grow the collection of Viola odorata and Parma violets and was awarded National Collection status in 2002.

The collection is on display at the garden centre in Bridport until the end of March and individual plants are available to purchase online all year round.

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