Groves Nurseries explains latest trend in grow your own

With a trend towards growing your own, Groves Nurseries are selling record numbers of vegetables and herbs for people to plant their own kitchen garden. It explains how to promote it to customers and what are vegetables and herbs that sell well. 

Growing your own is a very a eco-friendly thing to do. There is a general acceptance now that that locally produced, or even homegrown food is the best way to reduce our impact on the Earth. The amount of plastic we are throwing away is also a big environmental issue. Growing your own instead of buying vegetables from the supermarkets wrapped in plastic and treated with industrial chemicals will mean you not only save money but helping to save the planet too.

A small space on a kitchen window will give enough space and light to grow enough leaves for delicious peppery salads over the Summer.

As well as having a selection of salad leaves herbs can also be grown easily. Growing fresh basil, coriander and parsley saves money but also the plastic that it usually comes wrapped in.

“Herbs are so easy to grow, and we have over 70 varieties of herbs and edible flowers here at Little Groves Beaminster. Many of the herbs and plants grown here have great medicinal and health benefits. We arrange them like a kitchen garden with suggestions on what food to partner with what herbs”.

Other super easy crops to grow that customers love include, tomatoes, peas and beans, capsicums and chilies, carrots and root vegetables as well as garlic and onions. All of these can be grown in pots indoors or outdoors.

At Groves Nurseries it has plant experts on hand to help customers choose the right components for setting up home vegetable crops. As well as Cyril Whitlock a Grow your Own guru.

It will also be holding a talk about growing your own vegetables. Cyril Whitlock and herb specialist Becky Groves will give a talk on how easy it is over a 2 course vegetarian supper on Thursday 13 June (vegan options available).

For more information on the Plot to Plate event click here. 

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