GrovesWell announces garden centre expansion

GrovesWell chain has announced an expansion of its garden centre. This expansion was in collaboration with Smiemans Projecten’s partner Ebtech Glasshouse Systems for Tenterden garden centre of the GrovesWell chain.

In addition to the new entrance and an extra glass construction for sales, an extra awning has also been placed at the front for covered access to the garden centre. The walls were glazed with heat-resistant insulated glass and the canopy roof with opaque polycarbonate. The roof of the glasshouse was clad with 60mm insulated sandwich panels.

A spokesperson from Smiemans Projecten says: “The challenge was that the construction had to fit exactly in angled area between an existing glasshouse and a polytunnel. Between the new construction and the side wall we also created a new doorway to provide access to the other section.”

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