Grow Your Own Profits roadshow

The Grow Your Own Profits roadshow, organised by former GCA inspector Liz Hutson, is being billed as the way for garden centres to learn how to boost sales through ?motivational revelations?.

Liz explained that if customers don?t know what, when or why they should buy something, they have no reason to purchase. Though with some product lines it is obvious or easy to convey, it is more complicated in many core gardening and environmentally-linked areas.

Liz added that many areas of core gardening and bird care aren?t obvious to the average customer, and garden centres often assume that customers know more than they do. Explaining the what, when and why of a product is the first step to selling it, and the more motivational it is, the better.

The roadshow will build upon these ideas, discussing many potential motivators as well as the best ways to educate both consumers and staff about plants, products and activities.

The roadshow is designed to be beneficial for shop floor, marketing and management staff. The materials include full course notes, appendices for quick reference, monthly tips applicable to different areas of trading, ideas for social media, factsheets, sample press releases and more.

Liz concluded: ?The main aim is to inject new life into core gardening and support the retail trade.?

The roadshow takes places in February and March 2016. For booking, visit:

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