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Popadome is a new and unique, light weight, easy to assemble, netting cover for fruit and vegetables. It has unique features including correctly sized netting allowing pollenating insects inside, while keeping out cabbage white butterfly, and a copper strip round the base, to deter slugs and snails, for friendly, organic gardening.

Popadome is easily assembled by threading 2 fibreglass poles through sleeving (similar to a dome tent) and fitting them into plastic feet. ?Its unique features include 10mm square netting allowing pollenating insects inside, but deterring cabbage white butterfly, birds and animals. It also has a copper strip sewn into the base, which should make contact with the earth and deter slugs and snails.

Popadome is fixed into the ground with 8, 200mm long metal tent pegs. To obtain access to crops for harvesting and weeding, simply remove the pegs and lift the Popadome away. It is a light weight, quality product, strong and well made, treated against harmful UV and will last for years. For GLEE we will be exhibiting 2 sizes, 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.2m. (4?x4?x4?), and 0.9m x 1.8m x 1.2m high, (3?x6?x4?high).

Inventor, Marion Smith stated ?I wanted to grow fruit and vegetables organically and protect my Broccoli and other crops from being attacked by caterpillars, pigeons, slugs, snails and the neighbour?s cat.? Marion researched the market and could not find anything that was easy to erect, and move around for harvesting and weeding. ?I developed the idea of a cage based on the structure of a dome tent.? Marion found it to be very successful.

Popadome comes in a carry and storage case, with poles and tent pegs separately stored in individual bags.

Popadome is delivered ready for sale, in 2 sizes of ?point of sale boxes. One containing 32 Popadomes, as shown below, and we are also offering a smaller lighter version containing 15 Popadomes.

Popadome retails at ?39.95.

For the GLEE show we will also be offering accessories. A fleece cover (for frost protection) and a plastic cloche cover (mini greenhouse) for both Popadome sizes. Both accessories will simply fit over the erected Popadome and will be secured to the ground with the existing tent pegs.

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