Growing Success GrowQube

The new GrowQube? from Growing Success offers beginners the promise of more juicy, tasty?tomatoes with minimal effort ? in an easy to manage 6kg carry-home pack with integral handle?which will appeal to anyone who is deterred at the point of sale by the weight and bulk of a?conventional growbag.

Containing a brand new and unique blend of ingredients, GrowQube? has been specially formulated to produce an exceptional crop of perfect tomatoes, chillies or peppers with less frequent watering and feeding. Based on exhaustive testing of 300 plants the GrowQube? is claimed to deliver foolproof results whether growing outdoors or under glass.

In Sinclair?s trials, GrowQube?-grown tomato plants produced over 50% more fruit than the same variety grown in conventional growing bags. Unlike the ubiquitous low profile growing bag, the GrowQube?, at 24 x 24 x 24cm, allows plant roots to develop fully for greater strength and more efficient moisture and nutrient uptake*.

Manufacturer, William Sinclair Horticulture claims to have developed the ideal container growing mix comprising a blend of its own finest grade Scottish peat; its proprietary new SuperFyba? made from composted wood; coir; and a professional grade balanced cocktail of primary nutrients and essential trace elements.

As an added bonus, 25% of the blend is premium Sinclair Vermiculite, the natural mica mineral which expands in a furnace to produce a very high surface area with 96% pore volume wherein air and water is stored and taken up by the plant roots as and when needed. This professional growing medium also retains heat to insulate against damaging temperature fluctuations and holds onto a reservoir of nutrients while slowly releasing its own magnesium, iron and potassium to improve fruit quality and flavour.



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