Hamstreet launches sustainable coffee

Hamstreet garden centre has launched a brand new ?sustainable? coffee concept whereby beans are recycled and roasted on site.

Coffee Ground, a Wyevale Garden Centre, is an artisanal cafe serving triple certified coffee, sourced from 100 per cent single state Columbian Arabica beans.

The brand is the only group of coffee shops in the UK to use an on-site roasting technique known as ‘micro-roasting’, roasting the coffee in small one kilo batches, thus offering its customers the very freshest cup of coffee possible.

Anna Carpenter, manager at Hamstreet Garden Centre, said: “We want to be at the forefront of the coffee culture and this technique combines the most innovative technology to provide our visitors with the best cup of coffee.”

The team of baristas at Coffee Ground have all been accredited with the Golden Bean coffee training certification. Staff will also be serving fresh seasonal produce, such as home-made quiches and hand cut sandwiches.

Keeping gardening at the heart of the agenda, the used grounds produced by the cafe will be recycled, mixing them with sheep’s wool among other ingredients, to create natural compost.

Coffee and espresso grounds act as an organic soil fertilizer for gardens as they are high in nitrogen, potassium and other plant nutrients, as well as the added benefit of deterring slugs from gardens.

It can also stimulate growth of certain plants and may even help to speed up the composting process.

Ploughing produce back in to the shop, these grounds will also be used to create coffee machines, as well as furniture pieces and decorative equipment such as tables and cake stands, which will be sold to customers in the future.

Original story source: http://www.ashfordherald.co.uk

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