Happy?s Circus brings more customers to Garden Centres

Happy?s Circus will be touring the UK both over the summer and the Christmas period this year, and is available for bookings with garden centres.

Pat Holmes, Director of Promotions at Happy?s Circus said ?Parents are always looking for different activities to entertain their children during school holidays. Happy?s Circus could help Garden Centres fulfil this need.?Established in 1992, we are a professional all human circus, presenting traditional family entertainment in a contemporary style.?Garden centres have individual requirements and we can offer 3 shows a day to suit your day, regardless of the weather. Our visit encourages increased footfall to your restaurant, in-store spending and places you at the heart of your community.

So what are you hiring? You are booking the entertainment, Big Top & generators which power the show. You sell the tickets at prices between ?5 – ?8 to cover our fixed fee. Making a profit from ticket sales is not hard. Each show seats up to 600 people.

Attracting occasional and new customers, together with more frequent visits from your existing clientele will always result in more money in the tills. However even without the extra projected income, the Circus visit can be self-financing from ticket sales alone. I am happy to discuss prices on the phone and I am on 07885 513803.?


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