Harnessing the power of Mycorrhiza ? Neudorff launches three new products at Glee 2014 ?

Neudorff, a pioneer of natural gardening, has launched three brand new products for the 2015 season, each comprised of pure Mycorrhiza fungi.

The range consists of a selection of root enhancing Mycorrhiza formulas including; a general-purpose option for all plant types, which is available in both soluble and non soluble, plus a specifically formulated version for Ericaceous plants such as rhododendrons, blueberries and heather.

Neudorff has been producing products containing Mycorrhiza for more than 20 years within its solid fertiliser range; this brand new range combines the brand?s experience and knowledge to create a selection of ?pure? products.

This range is highly effective and permanent, boosting the surface area of the root ball by up to 150 times allowing plants to draw even more essential nutrients and water, which the plants turn into valuable carbohydrates in the form of sugar, encouraging vigorous and healthy growth, helping to make plants more resilient to disease, frost, drought and unfavourable pH values.

Jude Beharall, Neudorff?s UK & ROI Sales Director, said: ?The aim of the new range is to offer gardeners a simple and highly effective solution for achieving fantastic growing results. We already have a number of products that contain Mycorrhiza fungi, these have proved very successful and the benefits of this natural ingredient are fantastic.?

Product overview

Mycorrhiza Root Enlarger

This highly effective and permanent solution increases the size of a plant?s root system by up to 150 times, encouraging healthy and vigorous growth, strengthening the plant against pests and disease and increasing the effectiveness of any fertiliser used

4 x 9g sachets ? approx. 8 plants in pots

RRP: ?5.49

Mycorrhiza Root Enlarger ? Soluble

An easy to use soluble format – no replanting necessary. This formula includes all of the benefits of the non-soluble version. The concentrated formula can be applied to even more plants.

5 x 1g sachets ? approx. 25 plants in pots

RRP: ?6.99

Mycorrhiza Root Enlarger ? Ericaceous

The first UK product of its kind containing Mycorrhiza grown specifically for ericaceous plants such as rhododendrons, blueberries and heather. The formula increases the size of the root system by up to 150 times, promoting healthy and vigorous growth, strengthening plants against pests and disease.

4 x 5g sachets ? approx. 20 litres of substrate

RRP: ?6.99

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