Hartley Botanic awarded 5 Star Tradestand award at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Lancashire-based greenhouse and glasshouse manufacturer?Hartley Botanic?has been awarded the prestigious 5 Star Tradestand award for its 200 square foot stand featuring show garden worthy planting and trends ?under glass.? The stand which was created in collaboration with Longview Design, The Outdoor Room and Burford Garden Company features five of the manufacturer?s exquisite, handcrafted greenhouses, with four exhibiting some of the nation?s current planting obsessions ? from tropical plant collecting to beating supermarket food shortages by ?growing our own.? The award comes after Hartley Botanic was named the RHS? recommended aluminium greenhouse and glasshouse supplier in February and countless appearances at the annual flower show – the manufacturer can trace its presence at Chelsea back to as early as the Queen?s Coronation in 1953.

At 200 square metres,?Hartley Botanic?s?trade stand at this year?s RHS Chelsea Flower Show is one of the largest and most ambitious in its category. The stand, which was designed by Longview Design, built by The Outdoor Room with plants sourced by Burford Garden Company, features five handmade greenhouses and glasshouses with show garden worthy planting to demonstrate the huge variety of ways Hartley Botanic greenhouses can be enjoyed by the modern gardener. The stand also revealed ?under glass? some of the nation?s biggest plant and gardening trends, presenting them individually in four uniquely styled greenhouses?to execute a truly show-stopping stand for current and future Hartley Botanic customers alike.

Of the award win, Tom Barry, managing director of Hartley Botanic commented: ?We are absolutely thrilled that our trade stand has been awarded 5 Star status and want to thank this year?s collaborative partners ? Longview Design, The Outdoor Room and Burford Garden Company. The stand brought together the?expertise of our four horticulture businesses to create an excellent and inspirational exhibit for gardeners. As well as being extremely powerful gardening tools, our custom-made greenhouses and glasshouses provide a stunning garden centrepiece and, as such, are the perfect way to exhibit perfectly curated planting and present interesting gardening trends.?

Joe Perkins, co-director?of Longview Design commented: ?We are delighted with the 5 star award which reflects an extremely successful collaborative process. The central design ethos for the stand is simple and fundamental: to demonstrate the exciting range of possibilities that owning a Hartley Botanic glasshouse opens up for plant enthusiasts, gardeners and garden owners. We wanted to do something a little bit different in terms of plant choice and this has really paid off.?

Glen Sheldrake, horticulture director at Burford Garden Company, added: ?We are absolutely delighted that the Hartley Botanic trade stand has been awarded 5 Star status. It has been a huge privilege to work collaboratively with Hartley Botanic, Longview Design and The Outdoor Room. The 5 Star status reflects the partnership values of quality, attention to detail and creativity.?We hold Hartley Botanic in high esteem and hope that everyone who viewed the stand went home with a heightened sense of what is possible in their own homes and gardens.?

Emma Weeks, deputy tradestand manager said: ?The judges commented that the stand really had the wow factor, it was very well executed and the planting was stunning.?

Burford Garden Company, Longview Design and The Outdoor Room were chosen by Hartley Botanic as RHS Chelsea Flower Show partners this year due to each company?s commitment to market-leading quality in both their product sourcing and design work.

All Hartley Botanic?s greenhouses and glasshouses are made to order. Customers interested in purchasing a Hartley Botanic greenhouse should visit:?https://www.hartley-botanic.co.uk?or call 01457 819 155 for more information.


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