• Haskins announces the return of popular Bulb Festival

    Haskins wants to encourage gardeners to celebrate the fanfare of colours bulb planting allows.

    Haskins’ Bulb Festival continues across all four garden centres until Sunday November 17.
    There are more than 250 bulb varieties on sale, with a focus on British-grown bulbs. Of all the varieties on sale, 24 are UK-grown and include a selection of rare and unusual bulbs.
    Alasdair Urquhart, Haskins’ plant expert, commented: “Our Bulb Festival aims to highlight how easy it is to create a garden with bulbs.
    “We’d like to remind our customers that September is the perfect time to be planting bulbs for spring colour.
    “Planning for spring colour isn’t something that should be left until the last minute. If you’re able to plan ahead and plant now, you’ll reap the rewards next year.”
    Staff will be on hand to guide customers through various bulb planting techniques. These include the ‘lasagne’ technique to achieve different heights and layers.
    Alasdair added: “We’ll be exploring the lasagne bulb planting technique.
    “We’ll also be recommending our top picks for planting this autumn, acting as the perfect antidote to winter.
    “Bulbs flower from February to May with the general sequence being iris, crocus, daffodil and then tulip.”
    During the Bulb Festival, Haskins will be working in conjunction with Taylors Bulbs.
    The campaign aims to encourage children to plant daffodils in small pots throughout October.
    In support of Greenfingers, Taylors will be donating £5 to the charity from the sale of each bag of daffodils sold to customers nationwide.

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