Haskins Bulb Market Offers Advice For Brighter Spring Gardens

Gardening requires patience, especially when it comes to planting bulbs in the Autumn ready for a display of fabulous bright colours in the spring.

To encourage local gardeners to plan ahead for next year, the team at the Ferndown Haskins Garden Centre have created a Bulb Market section where a wide range of bulbs, including Daffodil, Snowdrop, Crocus, Tulip and fashionable Alliums can be found within the vast selection of over 100 varieties.? Many of the bulbs can also be potted and grown within the home.

The Bulb Market team will offer great advice and tips on planting.? Outdoor Manager Kevin Holmes says that the simple to follow information will make a big difference to the display of colour to be enjoyed next Spring.

?There is always something that can be done to enhance a garden, even in the winter months. The careful planting of bulbs is just the start.? We expect the information to inspire more creative gardening ? even for those who plant in pots for both indoor and outdoor displays.?

The team can also provide tips on what jobs to do in the garden during the autumn and winter.

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