Haskins Garden Centres set to showcase more than 250 bulb varieties during group?s Bulb Market

Haskins is putting finishing touches to plans for its very own Bulb Market.
It takes place from Monday August 20 to Monday November 19, across all four of its centres.
More than 250 bulb varieties will be available at Haskins? Bulb Market, including rare and unusual bulbs.
The festival will also have a special focus on British-grown bulbs, with 24 varieties on sale that are UK-grown.

Bulb market at Haskins

Lisa Looker, brand director at Haskins Garden Centres, commented: ?We?re delighted to announce the return of our popular Bulb Market.
“It has a special focus on embracing and supporting UK bulb growers.
?Our Bulb Market will serve to celebrate and showcase the fanfare of colours. Bulb-planting achieves this.
“Planting bulbs in autumn is the perfect antidote to winter.?
Haskins? top picks for planting this autumn include Camassia ?semiplena,? Muscari ?Golden Fragrance? and Erythronium Californicum ‘White Beauty.’
These rare and unusual bulbs are some of Haskins? non-UK grown favourites and are three of the 250 varieties which will be on showcase at the group?s Bulb Market.

Camassia ?semiplena?

  • The bulb produces tall spikes of spectacular white, double star-like flowers
  • Thrives in shade and woodland areas
  • Easy to grow
  • Appreciates a thick mulch of bark chippings to help keep cool in summer and protected from the worst of winter rainfall
Bulb market
Camassia semiplena

Muscari ?Golden Fragrance?

  • The bulb is fragrant and free-flowering
  • The grape hyacinth opens with a dusky purple flower that turns yellow
  • Works well as a container plant to provide scent close to paths, doorways, patios or decks
  • Flowers for several weeks in mid to late spring
  • Ideal for pairing with forget-me-nots
Bulb market
Muscari Golden Fragrance

Erythronium Californicum ?White Beauty?

  • Creamy white flowers over mottled foliage
  • Thrives in both full sun or part shade
  • Copes in most conditions and adds exotic interest
  • Flowers from early spring and goes dormant in July, returning the following year
Bulb market
Erythronium Californicum White Beauty
Haskins Garden Centres has stores in Ferndown in Dorset, West End in Southampton and Roundstone and Snowhill in West Sussex.

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