Haskins Hosts Most Brides Record Bid

The Restaurant of the Haskins Garden Centre at West End, Southampton supported its charity of the year, the Countess Of Mountbatten Hospice, by hosting a fundraising record breaking bid to have the most people wearing wedding dresses in on place. Managers and staff at Haskins, which opened especially on the evening of Sunday 9 Feb, were amazed as brides, of all ages, and both male and female, turned up in white to support the hospice.

Haskins General Manager Matt Hill said that the organisers hoped to break the record of 750 but he counted just over 160, which included 6 of his own staff who borrowed dresses, in the procession.

?It was a fun evening which attracted a lot of local media attention and a lot of potential customers into the centre and will raise a great sum of money for the hospice,? said Matt Hill, who had agreed to the use of the venue with just a weeks? notice after the hospice had to change location at a supermarket following health and safety fears.

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