Heat Beads launches new UK products for 2017

Heat Beads, Australia?s No.1 barbecue fuel, is launching new products to the UK market for 2017.

Widely accepted as the ultimate fuel and highly recommended by the British BBQ Society, Heat Beads offers total reliability and consistency to barbecuers across the world. The briquettes offer stress-free long cooking times of typically 4 hours, at high temperatures, for thoroughly cooked dishes. The product is equally at home on open grills, and perfect for indirect kettle cooking.

Joining the best-selling 4kg bag of briquettes will be a new economy 10kg bag, aimed at those who barbecue on a regular basis and require bulk supplies.

In a break from their traditional briquettes, Heat Beads are also launching a new lump wood charcoal in a 10kg bag. Produced from quality hardwood, it offers high heat over a shorter period than briquettes. Some barbecuers find using a mixture of Heat Beads lumpwood and briquettes to be a winning combination; the lumpwood being easier to light assists with ignition and briquettes provide extended cooking times.

The fuels are complimented by the best-selling Heat Beads odourless Firelighters, based on highly refined n-paraffin, compared to commonly used, high odour, kerosene which can taint foods.

Accessories from the No.1 brand also include, Heat Beads Grill Soaker and their refillable long-barrel gas lighter. The soaker overcomes the impossible chore of trying to a clean large barbecue grill in a modern sink. Grills of up to 57cm are simply soaked overnight in a mixture of hot water and soda crystals for a thorough clean and the Heat Beads refillable long barrel gas lighter makes lighting the barbecue so much easier featuring a flame adjuster and child lock.

The British BBQ Society will continue to recommend Heat Beads as their preferred fuel at a number of their barbecue cookouts and public events throughout the UK.

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