Henchman is on a mission to prevent 2.6 million Brits from falling this festive season

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Henchman ladder

Henchman shares some tips to pass on to customers for safely putting up Christmas decorations this festive period.

The Christmas season is a time of joy and festivity, and transforming the workplace into a winter wonderland is one of the best ways to create that magical atmosphere. But between the twinkling lights and festive cheer, there is a hidden danger that should not be ignored – the risk of falling from height when putting up the decorations. A survey conducted by the NHS has revealed a concerning statistic that 2.6 million people have fallen off a stool or ladder while hanging up Christmas decorations.

The survey highlights the perilous nature of decking the halls for the festive season. Whether it’s stretching too far while putting up Christmas lights or balancing a ladder precariously against a wall or tree the risk of serious injury, and even death should not be underestimated. In light of this alarming revelation, leading ladder safety specialist, Henchman offers essential guidance on maintaining safety while working at heights during this festive season.

Preparation is key

When working at heights, it is crucial to be physically capable and well-versed in ladder safety procedures. For employers, it is imperative to ensure that employees receive adequate training before embarking on tasks at height. Every user should ensure the ladder is in optimal condition before stepping foot on it, checking for damage, wear and tear. If working outdoors, consider environmental factors such as rain, wind, or damp conditions to mitigate fall risks. Whenever possible, having a second person present during tasks can act as an extra pair of eyes to identify potential hazards.

Choose the right ladder for the task

There are many types of standard ladders available, but when accessing those hard-to-reach places it is important to have a ladder engineered with durability…Henchman Tripod Ladders feature a built-in platform to allow you to work hands free to focus on hanging decorations. With independently adjustable legs, Henchman Tripod Ladders can be used outside on uneven ground to hang up the fairy lights. These ladders are engineered with durability, stability, and uncompromised safety as top priorities.

One of the standout features of the Tripod Ladder is its fully adjustable legs, allowing users to easily adjust the legs to accommodate varying slopes, and steps, with smaller adjustment intervals, users can always maintain the perfect level.

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Unlike traditional ladders with thin, curved feet that are prone to sinking into soft ground and toppling, the Henchman Tripod ladder has purposefully designed feet for stability. These extra-wide, clawed feet have a large surface area that distributes weight evenly, preventing sinking and minimising slippage during wintery conditions. For indoor or hard surface use, rubber overshoes are provided with every Henchman tripod ladder, ensuring a secure grip without damaging floorboards, tiles or carpet.

The Tripod Ladders come in a range of sizes from 5” to 16”, so no task will be out of reach! The taller ladders are perfect for reaching the second floor to hang ice-type lights and the smaller ones are ideal for inside jobs like putting the star on top of the tree!

Use the ladder safely

Safety precautions when using a ladder should always be rigorously observed and be the be the top priority in any setting. When stepping onto a ladder, it’s crucial to lean into it for stability and avoid leaning back and ensure that the ladder’s height is appropriate for the task to prevent overreaching or crouching. Always maintain three points of contact with the ladder at one time, and mount and dismount the ladder facing the rungs whilst leaning in. Placing ladders on movable objects, such as pallets, tables, or vehicles, should be avoided at all costs, as stability is compromised. Users should also make sure to adhere to weight restrictions specified on the ladder and extending or moving ladders should only be done when the ladder is vacant. Lastly, never work within six metres of any overhead power line unless it is inactive or protected with insulation.

For more safety advice and to explore the full range of Henchman ladders, please visit www.henchman.co.uk.

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